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2017 Wedding Trends

Wednesday 01st February 2017

Happy New Year folks! Congratulations to all of the new couples who have just taken the next step and are now engaged! Let us help you decide your next moves with some wedding trends from the four of us to sink your teeth in to for 2017!

1) Festival Themed Wedding

Get that sun-kissed skin, listening to your favourite festival wedding band, cider in hand, pulled pork/falafel bun on the way, hair flowers and face glitter, summer lovin' feelin' at your very own festival. We're talking grand marquee, beer barrels, hay bales, tipis, rugs, live music, disposable cameras and a whole lot of fun. Can you smell the barbecue?!? We can. Get outdoors and open up endless amazing reception opportunities.

2) Colour Block

Got an idea of your perfect colour theme? Whether you're hitting the trends with pastel, metallic, monochrome, or a bright colour pop, why not go one step further and invite your guests to join you in your chosen shades? Ladies in pink, boys in blue? Too cliche? Think outside the box and maybe include colours on their invitations that could coincide with their allocated seating plan for dinner. Imagine the excitement of meeting your matching colour group at the ceremony! Instant bonding for your guests and it may induce some friendly competitive nature later on, should there be games. Visualise how amazing your group photos will look! Maybe mauve, royal red, a flash of yellow, a tickle of blue, amorous amber, gorgeous green. Keep it coordinated, go all out or suitably subtle, and it will always look and feel great.

3) Mysterious Masquerade

Come the evening, your guests will want to let loose and party, so why not add an element of mystery to your big night? All guests are asked to bring a mask of their choice, sexy or silly, and come your first dance, the evening can kick off with style. Your first dance pictures will look unreal as your love for each other is revealed like a secret whilst everybody else's faces are hidden, and the focus will remain on you. Photobooths necessary for full effect. Everybody secretly loves a dress up.

4) Gatsby

Think flapper and fabulous. Smart and sultry. 1920s American Dream. Since the 2013 film, The Great Gatsby has firmly planted itself in top party inspo lists worldwide, and there are a hundred reasons why this theme would make a stunning wedding even more special. Silvers, golds, and black tie to the max is a sure found great (Gatsby... haha) and easy way to ensure a classic and stylish event. Fantastic Gatsby theme band and moonshine cocktails to follow suit, obviously. Get your sequins out ladies, and men, polish your shoes, because this night is all about the chance to shine.

Hopefully that's given you all food for thought. We can't wait to see what other amazing themes we encounter this year! See you soon,

Love Chartz x

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