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Happy April!

Tuesday 21st April 2015

Happy April to you lovely people from the Hampshire Covers Band, Chartz!

May the glorious weather continue!

We are having an amazing time in the world of Chartz - we recently performed at a Farmers Bloodhounds Ball on the Isle of Wight and they set the dancing level pretty high.


Any competitors out there?

If you have a song request for us to perform, don't hesitate to ask ????

To make the night extra exciting, the DJ's smoke machine set off the fire alarm and two fire engines were called…

Fire Engine

...to quote Bruno Mars, we must have been 'too hot, hot damn.' ????

The night ended for us at 3am haha! Definitely had a blast.

We can't wait to meet more of you, and may the emergency services never have to be called at an event we play ever again! 

Lots of love,

Chartz x

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